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Time-compressed but non-FTL interstellar travel.

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Registrado: 18 Nov 2017
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MensajePublicado: Jue 30 Nov 2017, 11:14 am    Asunto:  Time-compressed but non-FTL interstellar travel. Responder citando
Hi all,

so I've been reading about the causality violation of FTL travel, and wondering if this would serve as a way around it within the context of fiction.

We have a standard 4D spacetime.
We have an additional dimension/set of dimensions which we'll call M-space.
Any given position in 4D spacetime maps to a specific point in M-space.

Travel through M-space is constrained such that if you go from 1,1,1:t' to 1,1,5:t" then t" must be t' + 4. That is to say, any distance you travel in "space" requires a corresponding shift in "time".
The differentials are such that if you leave Earth at 1NC and travel to Elswyr 5 light years away, you will arrive at Earth-time 6NC, but your subjective travel time will be negligible. Then, if you wish to travel back, going from 1,1,5:t' to 1,1,1:t", then t" must be t' - 4.

So you could never, for example, fire a laser from Earth to Elswyr and beat the beam there, and while technically you're travelling 'backwards' from Earth 6NC to 1NC on your return journey, you'll be arriving later than you left by exactly the amount of time you spent at Elswyr.

I feel sure there must be some big logical flaws here, and I'm quite certain there are some assumptions I'm making without noticing: so, what are they?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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